Friday, January 15, 2021

Trump ready to donate blood plasma to help Covid-19 Americans

Antibody-rich blood plasma of those who have recovered from the virus can be used as a treatment for those battling the disease.

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President Donald Trump has said that he will donate his blood plasma to Americans battling Covid-19.

“I will. Nobody’s asked me that question, actually, but I will. If they want me to do it, I’d love to do it,” he told Fox News on Friday.

The treatment uses the antibody-rich blood plasma of those who have recovered from the virus.

On Oct 10, White House physician Dr Sean Conley said the president had completed his treatment and cleared him to return to his public duties.

Conley did not say that the president had tested negative, just that he was no longer contagious.

The commander-in-chief also said that he is “medication-free” but that he doesn’t know the results of his most recent coronavirus test, CBS News reported.

In convalescent plasma therapy, doctors collect plasma from donors who have recovered from Covid-19 and give it to patients who are still fighting the disease. It is being used across the country as a treatment after the Food and Drug Administration approved its use in August, in what Trump called a “truly historic” decision.

The president left Walter Reed last Monday after a three-night stay, returning to the White House. He said the drug Regeneron’s experimental antibody cocktail had made a “tremendous difference” in his recovery.

Trump is eager to return to the campaign trail. He tweeted that he’ll be in Florida, for a “very big rally” on Monday.

His campaign team have since confirmed that the rally will happen on Monday night at Sanford Orlando International Airport. The campaign also said all attendees will get temperature checks and will be encouraged – but not mandated – to wear masks.

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