Monday, October 26, 2020

Italians must now wear masks outside as emergency extended till Jan 31

Compulsory testing will be enforced for arrivals from hard-hit European countries.

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PM thanks Agong for confidence in govt’s handling of Covid-19

Muhyiddin Yassin says his Cabinet's priority is to fight the pandemic.

PM ucap terima kasih di atas kepercayaan Agong

Agong percaya Muhyiddin mampu menguruskan negara walaupun dalam keadaan pandemik Covid-19.

Berikan saya kebebasan, dan juga kematian?

Titah Agong hari ini merupakan perkara terbaik daripada pelaksanaan darurat untuk menghentikan gangguan daripada ahli politik kita

Give me liberty, and death too?

Today's royal command is the next best thing to a state of emergency to stop our disruptive politicians.

Selepas peringatan Agong, Mat Sabu gesa kerajaan ditukar, kemudian tarik balik

Presiden Amanah menarik kembali kenyataannya yang dilihat bercanggah dengan titah Agong agar “politicking” dihentikan bagi melawan Covid-19.

Italians must now wear masks when outdoors as case numbers surge across the country.

In addition, everyone has to wear masks everywhere indoors, except in their own homes.

This beefed up rule was already in force in parts of the country but from now on is nationwide.

Although Covid-19 cases are much lower in Italy than in many other European countries, the nation is seeing a steady rise in infections which some are describing as a second wave.

In the last 24 hours, registered infections have surged past 3,000 for the first time since April, reaching 3,678 new cases, data from the health ministry shows

The number of cases is still far below numbers seen in some other European countries such as France, Spain and Britain. Due to this, the government has also announced compulsory testing for everyone arriving from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic

The Cabinet also approved a decree to extend the Covid-19 state of emergency until Jan 31, a Cabinet source told Reuters.

Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to be hit with the virus and for a while became infamous as the epicentre of infections in Europe.

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Give me liberty, and death too?

Today's royal command is the next best thing to a state of emergency to stop our disruptive politicians.

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