Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Disney in Asia still magic, California Disneyland sacks 28,000

California pandemic laws mean the original Disneyland is unable to reopen.

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Disney’s theme parks in Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong have now all been able to reopen and are doing a good trade with limited numbers of guests.

Its Hong Kong theme park was permitted to reopen last week, two months after it was forced to shut down for a second time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Guests are now required to wear face masks and all indoor live performances have been cancelled. Paying for meals and other transactions are now cashless.

In the US, Disney World Florida has resumed operations.

Yet the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California, remains shuttered as the company struggles with authorities over a timescale for reopening in the pandemic.

Now Disneyland says it is being forced to let go 28,000 employees.

In a memo sent to employees on Tuesday, the company detailed several “difficult decisions” it has had to make in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, including ending its furlough of thousands of employees, reports CNBC.

Disney has been haemorrhaging money since the pandemic began.

The company has reported multi-billion losses due to the closure of its parks, hotels and cruise lines.

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