Monday, October 26, 2020

108 whales survive mass Australian stranding

350 did not make it and now their carcasses will have to be disposed of somehow.

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The final total of surviving pilot whales in Tasmania’s mass stranding is 108.

All of them have successfully swum back out to the open sea.

Rescuers believe the area on Tasmania’s west coast is now clear of live whales.

Marine Conservation Program wildlife biologist Kris Carlyon told the BBC it was a fantastic outcome after five days of hard work by the rescue team, which captured the attention of the world.

A statement released by the Tasmanian government on Saturday confirmed that 108 long-finned pilot whales which had survived the stranding had been released outside the heads at Macquarie Harbour.

However, 350 did not survive Australia’s worst ever stranding and their carcasses remain where they died and now have to be dealt with.

Plans are being made to dispose of the carcasses, which will not be an easy job.

Fifteen were buried at sea on Friday to see if that was a practical method. The government statement said results would take a number of days to be known and will depend on wind, tide and other conditions,

Locals and tourists are being urged to stay away from the area while the carcass removal is under way.

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