Thursday, October 29, 2020

Migrant boat missing as rare hurricane blasts Greece

55 migrants missing in huge storm.

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Greece has been lashed by Cyclone Ianos, a “medicane” with winds of 120kph that have battered large areas of the country.

Huge waves pounded normally crowded beaches, and tourists were told not to go outside.

Trains, flights and ferries were cancelled as winds caused havoc and the sea raged.

A search is taking place for a boat believed to be carrying 55 migrants that was reported to be in distress on Friday. However, the Greek coast guard told AFP news agency that the boat may have changed course after receiving no help.

Hundreds of people were trapped in flooded buildings and many are missing. Firefighters are still searching for a woman who was swept away in her car.

One man was found dead on his farm, and the body of a woman was recovered from her flooded home, local media reported.

“Medicanes” are tropical-like cyclones or hurricanes which occur occasionally in the Mediterranean.

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