Saturday, September 18, 2021

China is threat to whole region, says Taiwan PM

Chinese bombers fly over as US officials talk trade in Taipei.

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Squadrons of Chinese military aircraft flew across the Taiwan Strait and into Taiwan’s air defence zone on Friday and Saturday, forcing the island nation to scramble its defence forces.

The Chinese drills took place as US Undersecretary for Economic Affairs Keith Krach, the most senior State Department official to visit for over 40 years, was in Taipei for high level talks which could step up friendly relations and lead to the inking of more trade agreements.

Beijing has already expressed its displeasure over the talks.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said on Sunday that the Chinese aircraft incursions demonstrate that Beijing is a threat to the entire region.

“I believe these activities are no help to China’s international image, and what’s more have put Taiwan’s people even more on their guard, understanding even better the true nature of the Chinese Communist regime,” she said.

“Additionally, other countries in the region also have a better understanding of the threat posed by China. The Chinese Communists must restrain themselves, and not provoke.”

China claims Taiwan as its own territory and has never ruled out the use of force to bring the island under its control.

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