Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Confusing numbers on CovidNow site

While it is commendable that the health ministry has developed the site, some questions are raised about the large increase in number of reported vaccinations from Oct 16 to 17.

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It is commendable that the health ministry has developed the CovidNow website for a detailed and transparent reporting of data relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it was quite confusing when it reported on Oct 16 that 21,430,294 adults over 18 were vaccinated – i.e. 91.5% of the country’s adult population – but that on Oct 17, the number of adults vaccinated had increased to 21,960,911, i.e. 93.8%.

How possible is an overnight increase of 530,617?

In fact, the CovidNow website said the total daily number of vaccinated individuals was only 25,405.

Hopefully the health ministry can explain the large increase, as Malaysians rely on data from the CovidNow website to obtain the latest updates.

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