Monday, November 29, 2021

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For many, politics is the last thing on their mind as they struggle to put food on the table.

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It was truly heart-warming to see pictures of our prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, visiting the MAEPS Integrated Hospital recently.

I know many refer to Muhyiddin as the backdoor prime minister etc, but to my family and, I am sure, many others, he is seen as someone trying his best to help the people during these trying times.

I lost everything when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and honestly, my small family of four would not have food to eat if not for assistance rolled out by the government.

Initiatives such as Penjana, I-Sinar and, recently, Permai have played a crucial role in helping my family put food on our table.

I do not understand why some are continuously hurling criticism and insults at him – probably these are the privileged ones who have not endured any hardships during these times.

For most Malaysians, I strongly believe we would have gone underwater if not for all the assistance from the government.

I admit there are rotten apples, as there would be anywhere else also, but we must give credit and admire the efforts by Muhyiddin himself.

Earlier, when Muhyiddin wanted to declare a state of emergency, many opposed it and the request was turned down.

However, today, many realise that the emergency is truly necessary with Covid-19 numbers ranging from 3,000-4,000 almost daily.

Drastic measures are needed to curb this, otherwise, only God knows what will happen to the nation.

We must learn from what happened the last time an election was held and it is high time politicians shut their mouths and worked to end this pandemic.

From those days, all I can recall is the opposition relentlessly making plenty of noise, but never walking the talk.

Which person in his right mind would want to go to court and contest the emergency at a time when people are dying?

Seriously, what is Anwar Ibrahim thinking? He and Tun M truly deserve each other. Both are power-crazed and think of nothing but themselves.

For people like me and, I am sure, millions more, staying alive and feeding our families is all that matters – the last thing on our minds is politics.

It is time these people get their priorities right – help the people. We need it most at this time.

Nobody cares about political statements and elections at this time. All we want is help and this is what Muhyiddin is doing for us.

I am sure the only thing people want to know these days is when the vaccines will arrive and if the Covid-19 figures are dropping.

Help us, help our frontliners… that’s it. Our frontliners are more valuable than any politician at this time.

They are sacrificing their lives for the sake of others and deserve all the praise possible.

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