Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bug out, litterbugs

Littering on roads and highways especially could cause damage to other vehicles or even give rise to accidents as drivers swerve to avoid the garbage.

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Shame on you litterbugs! I have seen some irresponsible individuals who blatantly throw rubbish from their cars onto our public roads and highways. They calmly open their car doors or wind down their windows and dump their trash either while driving or stationary. These litterbugs should be ashamed of themselves. They are not embarrassed and will commit their act in broad daylight and in full public view.

Please spare a thought for Mother Nature. Stop your selfish act of harming the environment and landscape. Also, unknown to you, the trash you discard poses a hazard to other road users. The pieces of tissue paper you throw could be sucked into the engine bays of other cars, causing damage to property and possibly human lives. Drivers and motorcyclists, in a natural reaction, will often try to avoid litter on the roads regardless of size and swerve to other lanes while doing so. This may catch drivers in the other lane unaware and cause an accident.

The government, local authorities and even highway operators have been pushing for a stop to littering with countless signs, infographics and reminders. It involves monetary cost and effort which should be channelled to more important matters such as the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once again, I humbly urge all litterbugs to please stop your selfish act. This is not the mentality and attitude you should be carrying into the new year. Pause and reflect. Think about what you are doing to the environment.

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