Saturday, January 22, 2022

Enough with self-serving politicians

Hopefully, these politicians will take heed of the Agong's call for them to suspend their politicking and not to derail the 2021 budget in Parliament.

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Your editorial, “Give me liberty, and death too?”, resonates with much of how I feel about the self-serving attitude of politicians on both sides of the political aisle in their respective bids for power and position, without bothering about the consequences of their actions on the well-being and welfare of us ordinary citizens, especially with the challenges our nation faces from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and whatever adverse financial and economic impacts we would face should the 2021 budget be rejected in Parliament in November just to serve their political agenda.

Several right-thinking ordinary Malaysians I have spoken to are fed up with this endless politicking and jostling for power.

Hopefully, these politicians will now take heed of the Agong’s call for them to suspend their politicking and not to derail the 2021 budget in Parliament.

If they still don’t take heed, and if an emergency is eventually declared to protect the interests of our nation and citizens, then so be it.

Like many fellow Malaysians, I have had to deny myself the normal life which I enjoy for the past seven months due to Covid-19, and I do not take kindly to a tiny clutch of privileged politicians acting in a self-serving manner, claiming to be doing it on my and my fellow citizens’ behalf.

Meanwhile, I have not paid much attention to the many articles by lawyers and journalists writing reams of words about the constitutionality of the Agong declaring an emergency to cool their politicking and protect the interests of me and my fellow citizens.

These rather privileged, educated, mostly urban, English-literate, elite commentators should be thankful that Malaysia is not like Thailand with a “General Prayut” or a “General Sondhi Boonyaratgalin” who would force them to shut up, and I certainly won’t cry for them.

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