Monday, July 4, 2022

PBB eyes new youth movement to cater to fresh voters

However, it says it must also strike a balance so that it will not distract them from their studies.

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Parti Pesaka Bumi Bersatu (PBB) is looking to amend its constitution at its triennial general meeting this weekend to pave the way for a new youth movement wing to cater to members aged 18 to 28.

PBB secretary-general Alexander Nanta Linggi said this would provide a platform for the youth to actively participate in politics.

“The youth wing will focus on those aged 18 to 28 because they are now automatically registered as voters,” he said in Kuching today.

“Preparations have been made, and we have to set up a special committee to look into this matter.”

He said it would then be brought to the general assembly for the constitutional amendments to be made.

Speaking to reporters, he said this would also help the party identify individuals with leadership potential.

He added however that the movement would not be a formal wing, saying PBB was also working to ensure that its younger members would not be distracted from their studies.

“We formed this movement so that we can identify the potential of the youth who can be absorbed into the political arena.

“While we want to capture them because they are now voters at that age, we also need to be careful. We do not want politics to take up too much attention from what they should be doing as students.”

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