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Don’t be complacent, Tok Mat warns BN ahead of GE15

He says the coalition's success at state-level polls is no guarantee of victory at the general election.

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Barisan Nasional (BN) deputy chairman Mohamad Hasan today warned the coalition not to get carried away by its recent success at state polls, saying it should instead offer voters a “new deal” to ensure victory at the 15th general election (GE15).

He said BN needed to work hard for a convincing win and should not assume that it will do well just because it is part of the government.

“All the victories in by-elections and the Sabah, Melaka and Johor state elections do not guarantee that BN will win and easily form the government.

“Today, I would like to stress that this is not merely a wrong assumption.

“In fact, it is dangerous and risky to BN. There are several critical reasons why we should immediately discard this assumption,” he said in his opening speech at the BN convention in conjunction with the coalition’s 48th anniversary in Kuala Lumpur today.

Mohamad, who is Umno deputy president, said members should focus on efforts to strengthen the coalition and reinvent “the BN wave”, understanding why it was important for BN to return to power.

He also emphasised the need for BN to be in line with the times, fresh and “future-proof”, and able to present itself “as an idea”.

He said BN should not only be a political coalition for facing the next general election, but should instead present a revolutionary image that could inspire confidence among the people.

The Rantau assemblyman likewise called on party members to equip themselves with facts to fight the war of perception.

“Be confident that the people are capable of evaluating. The people can be objective and fair. The people will no longer be fooled. The problem now is, we simply allow all accusations and perceptions created by the opposition to reach society.

“So, it is important for BN to stand on the ground of reality and accept the reality that victory will not come easy. We need to work hard and move strategically,” he said.

Mohamad also said BN should come up with new offers and approaches for the people as GE15 would determine BN’s future.

He said BN’s brand name and experience in administration would not necessarily convince the people to vote for it.

He also reminded party members to stand firm on moral issues and reject political opportunists.

“Do not give space to political merchants. Instead, give space to and support candidates who are knowledgeable, of high morals, principled and who dedicate their lives to the country and race. There is no compromise on moral matters.

“Previously, BN had more than 10 component parties. After our defeat, we were left with just four. All of them abandoned us because their moral values, struggles and loyalties were interpreted and changed according to their taste and stomach which could never be filled,” he said.

He said despite being a coaltion of just four parties, BN would surely win if it adhered to its principles, moral politics and good philosophy.

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