Saturday, July 2, 2022

Suki and dad overwhelmed as visitors come flooding in

Wong Kon Foo, who can now send his daughter to a private kindergarten for lessons, voices gratitude once more for all that Malaysians have done for him and his daughter.

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Help has been raining down on young Suki Wong Pei Yee and her father, but along with it, well-meaning visitors, to the extent that they have been forced to ask for some privacy out of concern for his health as a stroke victim.

The story of Suki, a stateless 10-year-old taking care of her father alone after the death of her mother last year, had spread far and wide with scores of individuals offering help in the form of cash as well as food and clothing.

But while MalaysiaNow has consistently discouraged the public from visiting them, withholding their details even when approached by prominent individuals, visitors have continued to pour in, disrupting their schedules and on some occasions, staying so late that they lose their sleep at night.

“I cannot ask them to leave as they have good intentions,” Wong Kon Foo said.

“I try to welcome them as guests, but there was one point when Suki couldn’t get enough sleep.”

He nonetheless reiterated his gratitude to those who had given freely with no thought of acknowledgement, saying he now had enough to enrol Suki in a private kindergarten in Petaling Jaya, where she will begin classes this week.

“What money we have received, I will use to buy supplies for her education such as stationery, clothes and so on,” he said.

Suki’s story had triggered a flood of inquiries and offers of help from concerned Malaysians, to the extent that an online petition was launched urging the government to grant her citizenship.

MalaysiaNow understands that a group of lawyers who specialise in stateless cases are working pro bono to fight for Suki’s citizenship.

Wong, whose main concern in life had been his daughter and her inability to attend school, said he was greatly indebted to those who had given them help.

“Malays, Chinese, Indians – everyone came forward to give us whatever we needed,” he said.

“They have given so much that hunger is no longer a concern for me for the time being.”

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