Friday, July 1, 2022

2-year contract extension for 2,600 teachers

Details will be announced once the education ministry and Education Service Commission finish their discussions.

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The contracts of some 2,600 teachers appointed in the June 2020 intake are expected to be extended for another two years, Education Minister Radzi Jidin said today.

However, he said the details would be announced later, after the education ministry and Education Service Commission (SPP) finish discussing the matter.

“We saw many raising issues related to contracts of service and conveyed the problem to the ministry. Appropriate action will be taken based on existing rules and procedures,” he told reporters at an event near Ketereh.

On claims by some that they had not received their salary for May, he said these were not true.

“We will ensure that the welfare of teachers is protected,” he added.

Yesterday, Radzi said in a post on his social media accounts that the matter should be given due attention and immediately resolved.

In a separate development, he said the ministry would study case by case the action that could be taken on the issue of teachers opting to retire early.

“We are studying in more depth by taking into account the data from 2017 again. This is because any other services would have also decided to opt for early retirement as it is their choice,” he added.

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