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Probe into ex-Astro boss’ assets still ongoing, MACC says

The anti-graft agency says it is still investigating the US$10 million allegedly given to her by former Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner.

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The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today said that it is still investigating the case of former Astro CEO Rohana Rozhan and the US$10 million allegedly given to her by ex-Goldman Sachs banker Tim Leissner.

MACC chief Azam Baki said the investigation surrounding Rohana’s assets was still underway, following reports today that she had agreed to surrender the money from Leissner.

“Members of the public are requested not to speculate about the case,” the anti-graft agency said in a statement.

Malay daily Utusan Malaysia reported earlier today that Rohana had agreed to surrender the assets from Leissner obtained through 1MDB funds.

It qouted a source as saying that MACC was actively working to recover the money.

MACC previously issued a freeze order on assets and a bank account belonging to Rohana as part an investigation into Leissner’s claim that he had been blackmailed into buying her a US$10 million home in London.

The order was made under Section 44 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act, which prohibits Rohana from making any transactions linked to her bank account in the UK or the said home.

MalaysiaNow reported that Rohana may have paid for the London house using half of the amount allegedly given by Leissner, while the remainder was kept in an account in the UK.

Leissner had made the claim of blackmail while testifying in the 1MDB-linked corruption trial of his former colleague Roger Ng, who was recently convicted of conspiring to violate an anti-corruption law to help loot hundreds of millions of dollars from the sovereign wealth fund.

Leissner claimed that Rohana, with whom he had been having an affair, had threatened to expose his involvement in the multi-billion dollar scandal after she learnt that he was about to end their 10-year relationship.

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