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UiTM student had laptop but didn’t bring it, university report shows

An internal report says the student and lecturer involved have met and reached an accord over the matter.

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The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student berated by a lecturer for not having a laptop in a video clip which recently went viral was following the online class using his mobile phone as he had not brought his laptop to campus that day, a leaked document from the university shows.

According to the chronological report of the events, the video was not recorded by the student himself but by others who had then shared it online, causing it to go viral on social media.

“The student himself did not agree at all with the reason the video was made viral,” the report added.

It also said that university records showed the student had never applied for charity aid although he did have a PTPTN loan.

It said the student’s father was currently unemployed for reasons that could not be ascertained, while his mother was working as a factory operator.

The video had been hotly debated due to remarks made by the lecturer which were seen as insulting those in the B40 or lower income bracket.

After the video went viral, the report said, the UiTM management had instructed its deputy vice-chancellor in charge of student affairs to go to the university’s Sri Iskandar branch in Perak to gather more information about the situation.

It said a total of five students were interviewed, all of whom confirmed that the video was taken during the eighth week of lecture in the October 2021-February 2022 semester for the construction economic and Islamic finance subject taught by the lecturer in question.

A meeting was arranged between the student and deputy vice-chancellor (student affairs) Mohd Sazili Shahibi. It was also attended by the lecturer herself.

The report said the meeting had provided a comprehensive picture of what had occurred and achieved an accord among those involved.

In terms of further action to be taken, it said two options were available. Firstly, it said, there was the option of no action as both lecturer and student had met, discussed the events and agreed to harmonise the situation.

Alternatively, it said, the lecturer’s contract which had been renewed on March 15 could be terminated within 30 days of the receipt of offer.

“UiTM’s decision will depend on the advice received from the higher education ministry,” it said.

When contacted, a source at UiTM confirmed the report.

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