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Kuala Selangor MP blasted by flood victim

The incident occurred as Dzulkefly Ahmad was visiting a relief centre for flood victims in his constituency.

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Kuala Selangor MP Dzulkefly Ahmad was given an earful earlier this week by an individual believed to be a flood victim who accused the former minister of being late in efforts to help those affected by the disaster in his constituency.

A recording of the incident which took place at the SMK SMK Bukit Kuching relief centre showed a man expressing dissatisfaction upon Dzulkefly’s arrival.

In the four-minute clip which quickly went viral, the man could be heard scolding someone who was trying to calm the situation, asking why help had come late to the area.

A source said Dzulkefly had been at the relief centre at that time, but that the Amanah man had allowed the man to vent as he did not want to make the situation worse.

“The incident did happen,” the source said, adding however that the man had been angry at everyone around Dzulkefly, not just the MP himself.

“But we let him be as we did not want to make things worse,” the source told MalaysiaNow when contacted.

“The important thing was for the work to continue.”

The source also denied claims that the former health minister had been late in offering assistance to flood victims in his constituency.

It said the Kuala Selangor parliament office had been mobilised to help those affected by the floods the very first night, adding that the man might have been angry because he did not receive any aid.

“There are three state constituencies in Kuala Selangor,” it said. “It’s a very big area.

“Those who are aware know that Dzulkefly was working. Others who doubt this can ask the people in charge of the relief centre, or check the Facebook page of the Kuala Selangor parliament office to see the movements of the flood relief mission.”

Eight states including Selangor were badly affected by the floods that occurred following several days of heavy, continuous rain beginning last Friday.

In Selangor, floodwaters left houses nearly submerged in some areas, forcing residents to spend the night on their roofs.

A total of 37 people have been reported dead so far in the unprecedented floods while tens of thousands have been displaced and have suffered hundreds of thousands in losses.

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