Monday, January 24, 2022

Over 1,000 cases of child abuse reported in Selangor from January to September

This includes 527 cases of physical abuse and 514 cases of sexual abuse or harassment.

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A total of 1,076 child abuse cases were reported in Selangor from January to September this year, the state legislative assembly was told today.

State Public Health, Unity, and Women and Family Development Committee chairman Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said based on statistics from the Selangor police, the number included cases of physical abuse (527), emotional abuse (35) and sexual abuse or harassment (514), without specifying cases involving paedophiles.

She was responding to Juwairiya Zulkifli (PH-Bukit Melawati) who asked about the number of paedophilia cases recorded in the state.

“To help prevent and reduce abuse cases involving children, including cases of paedophilia, the Selangor Social Welfare Department has 11 child protection teams (PPKK) in each district, with the role of supporting the group protection services at the community level,” she said.

Siti Mariah said the PPKK was also responsible for coordinating activities at 17 children’s activity centres (PAKK) in each district according to the needs of the local community.

“The PAKK in each district can function as centres for recreation, advocacy, resources, learning, crisis intervention, sports and leisure, as well as for other activities that are appropriate.

“This effort is to help prevent child abuse and neglect, skipping school and other social problems,” she said.

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