Friday, January 21, 2022

GPS to remain united in serving the people, says Abang Johari

The Sarawak chief minister says the interest of the people must come first, otherwise political struggles will occur.

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Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg says the ruling Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) will remain united in its focus to serve the people.

He also said leaders should put the interest of the people above their own in order to ensure a stable government.

“In politics, our intentions must be right,” he said in his speech at an event in Bintulu last night.

“We must put the people’s interest above everything else. If we put our personal interest first, a struggle for power will happen.”

Referring to Umno, he said this was what had happened in Melaka. “The people got fed up,” he added.

Abang Johari also spoke against the culture of “political frogs”, saying it had caused instability in the country.

He added that the GPS state government has no issue with Christians in Sarawak using the word “Allah”.

“It is between you and your God,” he said. “Why create unnecessary problems?”

He likewise said that the matter of the Timah whiskey should not be made into a big issue.

“The people in the peninsula like to make small things into a national issue,” Abang Johari said. “For Timah, just because the name is Timah, it became a problem.

“The fact is that ‘timah’ in Malay means tin, but they thought it is Fatimah, the name of a lady.”

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