Monday, December 6, 2021

Let them call me a traitor, says Mas Ermieyati

The Perikatan Nasional candidate in Tanjung Bidara says the people are mature enough to assess her track record for themselves.

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Masjid Tanah MP Mas Ermieyati Samsudin says she is unperturbed by those who label her a traitor, and that she will continue to serve her constituents.

She also said she is determined to repay the trust placed in her by her party Bersatu to contribute a seat for Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the upcoming state election in Melaka despite having to deal with the negative label for three years now.

“The ‘traitor’ label is not just now but has been from before. Whatever label or title that has been given to me from three years ago, I am determined to render my services to Masjid Tanah, to always meet my constituents. I have not left them.

“I still continue to provide help even though there may be just one letter of support… I still try to do my best,” she told Bernama.

Confident that she has done her best for the people, Mas Ermieyati is now leaving her fate in the hands of Tanjung Bidara voters.

She has never been bothered with labels thrown at her and refrains from answering these accusations, saying she is committed to the tasks entrusted to her.

“If there is any leader who labels me a traitor, I will leave it to the public to assess me as they are mature and wise,” she said.

Mas Ermieyati is representing Bersatu in Tanjung Bidara in the Melaka state election on Nov 20.

The former shariah lawyer, who is also vice-chief of Bersatu’s women’s wing, will be contesting against heavyweights from Barisan Nasional (Ab Rauf Yusoh) and Pakatan Harapan (Zainal Hassan).

When asked if she would quit her post as deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department if she wins the seat, Mas Ermieyati said she is capable of dividing her time to fulfil both responsibilities.

“There is no rule to say I should resign as deputy minister as each of us is given 24 hours a day, and it is all about how one manages one’s time and responsibilities.

“If you are given the responsibility but you are nowhere to be seen, then it is useless. If I am elected as the Tanjung Bidara assemblyman, I will know how to divide my tasks as even now, I still have time to be in the area three or four times a week,” she said.

Mas Ermieyati, who is also the Masjid Tanah Bersatu division chief, was the Puteri Umno chief before leaving the party in July 2018, two months after the 14th general election.

She applied to join Bersatu in mid-December 2018 and was confirmed as a party member later that month.

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