Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Malaysia sees drop in Covid deaths, new cases

However, cases in need of ICU treatment increased 2% from the previous epidemiological week.

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Malaysia recorded a 27.2% drop in Covid-19 related fatalities for the 44th epidemiological week from Oct 31 to Nov 6, with 380 deaths compared to 522 in the 43rd epidemiological week.

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said however that the number of cases requiring treatment in ICUs showed a 2% rise to 516 cases compared to 505 in the previous epidemiological week.

“Most of the main indicators showed a declining trend. New Covid-19 cases showed a 13.1% drop to 35,303 compared to 40,613 (in the 43rd epidemiological week).

“The average number of active cases showed a reduction of 7% from 70,829 (43rd epidemiological week) to 65,573 (44th epidemiological week). The reduction in active cases has been consistent in the past nine weeks,” he said in a statement.

Noor Hisham also advised all parties involved in the reopening of schools to comply with the SOPs throughout the schooling sessions to prevent new educational clusters.

“The safety and health of school students and staff, as well as a safe school environment, need to be given more attention in preventing Covid-19 infections in schools.

“Make these places of education for our children safe so that they remain free from Covid-19. Make sure those who are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine jabs are fully vaccinated immediately,” he said.

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