Saturday, October 23, 2021

Covid deaths drop to double digits as 52.6% of people complete vaccination

A total of 99 deaths were reported yesterday, part of the larger 292 figure which includes backlogged cases.

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The number of deaths due to Covid-19 in the country over the past 24 hours dropped to two digits for the first time since July 6.

The health ministry said a total of 99 deaths due to Covid-19 were recorded yesterday.

The same number of deaths was recorded on July 6.

Meanwhile, the backlog in cases not previously reported totalled 292, bringing the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the country to 20,711.

As of yesterday, 52.6% or 17,177,911 individuals had completed their Covid-19 vaccination.

A total of 65.4% or 21,372,276 individuals have received at least one dose of vaccine, including recipients of the single-dose CanSino jab.

In terms of daily vaccination rate, a total of 227,476 doses of vaccine were administered yesterday, bringing the total doses given through the National Covid-19 Immunisation Program to 38,488,051.

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