Monday, October 18, 2021

Govt to table anti-hopping law as PM repeats Muhyiddin’s reform offer

However, Muhyiddin Yassin's offer to allocate equal funds for all MPs was not among the seven items listed by Ismail Sabri Yaakob today.

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Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob today laid out an offer for a series of transformations in Parliament and government administration similar to that made by his predecessor Muhyiddin Yassin, including the tabling of an anti-party hopping law.

Other offers were to ensure a balanced representation of MPs from the government and opposition in the Special Parliamentary Select Committee, the implementation of Undi 18, consultation with MPs before the tabling of bills, an upgrade of the status of opposition leader to that of a minister, a 10-year limit to the prime minister’s term and the involvement of opposition members in the National Recovery Council to present their views and suggestions for improvements.

“This offer aims to create a new political landscape by carrying out transformations and reforms in government administration, especially in strengthening the role of the institution of Parliament.

“At the same time, the government is committed to introducing more transformations over time,” said Ismail.

Six of the offers by Ismail today were identical to those listed by Muhyiddin last month, as he attempted to obtain the support of opposition MPs to prevent the collapse of his government following the withdrawal of support from Umno MPs aligned with former leader Najib Razak.

Muhyiddin’s offer to allocate equal funds for all MPs, however, was not among the seven items listed by Ismail today.

Pakatan Harapan’s top leaders had rejected Muhyiddin’s offer, describing it as a bribe and saying they would be able to offer a better deal.

The offer was likewise dismissed by Umno and Pejuang.

DAP’s Tony Pua was among the few from the opposition who had urged fellow MPs to consider Muhyiddin’s offer, saying they could achieve some of what they had been fighting for while also preventing Umno leaders from returning to power.

“Let us now count the potential benefits to the rakyat – we end the political turmoil and impasse; we block the return of the kleptocrats; we prevent a general election in the middle of the pandemic; we get the PN govt to institute priceless reforms; we get an equal say in passing all bills; and finally, we’ll get to kick PN out in a GE to be held about 10 months away,” he said in a statement which he added would “make many unhappy”.

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