Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Education ministry looking to reopen schools in Phase 4 states

Discussions have been held with authorities in Labuan for the safe reopening of schools in the federal territory.

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Education Minister Radzi Jidin today said that schools will be reopened according to phases under the National Recovery Plan (NRC), adding that his ministry is looking into the possibility of making Labuan the first state to resume face-to-face classes.

He said this follows Labuan’s progression to Phase Four of the NRP, which allows for nearly all social and economic sectors to reopen.

“Phase Four of the NRP would see the country reopening almost all sectors with the aim of returning to normal, in line with strict SOPs.

“Labuan is the only state that has progressed to Phase Four, and we are looking into the best way to safely reopen the education sector,” he said at a press conference in the federal territory today.

The education ministry previously said that home-based teaching and learning would continue until Oct 3 pending any need for change in policy.

It also said it was finalising the process of gathering feedback from stakeholders to come up with a comprehensive plan for parents, teachers and school administrations.

Radzi said his ministry had taken into consideration all aspects and that schools would be reopened according to phase.

“We want to have a holistic understanding of the situation,” he said, adding that all views would be taken into consideration in planning the resumption of school sessions.

He said the ministry had also met with the CEO of Labuan Corporation and the chairman of the Labuan disaster management committee regarding the proposal to reopen schools.

“The meeting was to explain to them our suggestions and to obtain their input and views,” he said.

“It was also to ensure that the methods proposed can be implemented with the support of all parties so that our children can return to school in safety,” he said.

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