Monday, May 23, 2022

Teachers who reject vaccination won’t be allowed to teach, says Radzi

The education minister says those who refuse to be vaccinated will not be allowed to interact with students face-to-face.

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The education ministry has determined that teachers who refuse to be vaccinated will not be allowed to interact with students face-to-face when schools reopen on Oct 3.

Education Minister Radzi Jidin said the measure was to ensure that the school ecosystem would be safe for students.

“We are taking this step to ensure that parents are confident that the school environment is safe for their children,” he told reporters in Kangar today.

Radzi had earlier held an engagement session with parents, teachers and school administrators in Perlis to get their input regarding the reopening of schools on Oct 3.

He said there are still 2,500 teachers who have not been vaccinated, although 96.7% have received at least one shot while 85.26% have completed both shots.

He said the ministry would issue assignment guidelines for unvaccinated teachers.

“We are also discussing with the Public Service Department regarding action against teachers who do not want to be vaccinated,” he added.

Radzi said that besides teachers, school support staff including canteen workers, cleaning staff and security guards at schools must also be vaccinated.

“Currently, 73.71% of school support staff have been fully vaccinated and 89.43% have received at least one dose of vaccine,” he said.

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