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I have done my best, says Muhyiddin in farewell speech to staff

He says he did what he thought was necessary to ensure that lives were kept safe.

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Muhyiddin Yassin waves as he leaves his office in Putrajaya today. Photo: Bernama
Muhyiddin Yassin waves as he leaves his office in Putrajaya today. Photo: Bernama

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today said he had done his best to serve the country in accordance with the Federal Constitution and religious principles.

In a farewell speech to his officers in the Prime Minister’s Office, he said as an ordinary human being, he had tried to uphold these principles and to help the people as much as he could.

“I think I did what was necessary to save the lives of the people, to make sure they had food on their tables, and that their lives were safe,” he said.

“These are important aspects in life, and perhaps God raised me to this level to demonstrate this purpose,” he added.

His speech followed his resignation which he submitted to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong during a brief audience at Istana Negara today.

The Agong later said Muhyiddin had been made caretaker prime minister pending the appointment of a new leader.

Muhyiddin also said he was proud that the government administration had continued despite the difficulties faced, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

“We looked hard at how to help the people,” he said, adding that the impact of the pandemic on the people had been profound.

“This is why I was willing to speak, to say what was true even though it was hard.

“We should do what Allah says is right,” he added. “Don’t do what Allah says is wrong. Stand against evil, that is the main thig.

“If we hold to these principles, insya Allah our lives will be safe.”

He added that he had undertaken the job with integrity, saying this was why he had tried to do everything that should be done for the people.