Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Influx of immigrants, refugees among 66 national security challenges identified by NSC

The NSC says the arrival of immigrants and Rohingya refugees has caused discomfort among locals who fear that they will take away the rights of Malaysians.

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The National Security Council (NSC) has identified the influx of immigrants, refugee issues and cybersecurity as among 66 new challenges to the country’s security.

NSC deputy director-general Rodzi Md Saad said these three issues were among the economic, social and political matters that had been identified, and which would be addressed under the National Security Policy 2021-2025.

According to him, cybersecurity is seen as an issue that will dominate the scope of national security as the country moves towards the fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0).

“Strong cybersecurity is very important as IR4.0 relies entirely on digital technology, and any issues involving its security will affect the government, economy and society, as we can see an increase in cases of online fraud in recent years.

“The influx of unverified information can also pose a threat to national security because it could potentially be used to create a wrong perception of certain issues,” he said in a special virtual media briefing session held today in conjunction with NSC’s 50th anniversary celebration.

He said that at present, people could post something on social media based on unverified information obtained through the internet, and that these writings had the potential to divide the people and threaten unity, which in turn posed a threat to national security.

Rodzi said the influx of immigrants and Rohingya refugees was also seen as a threat to national security, and that the government had been working to address the problem.

“The influx of immigrants and refugees has caused discomfort among the locals because it is thought that they will take away the rights of Malaysians.

“It is also worrying that they are now seen to have controlled certain businesses. However, the government has started to take firm measures by carrying out Ops Benteng and tighter border control, and the efforts have seen results,” he said.

He added that the National Security Policy is an inclusive policy that covers every level of administration and aspect of people’s lives.

“The objective of this policy is to ensure that Malaysia remains sovereign, peaceful and prosperous,” he said.

In the meantime, Rodzi said the NSC was also drafting a National Security Index (IKK) to transparently assess the level of national security.

“The index is currently in the engagement stage with government agencies and other stakeholders, and is expected to be introduced in 2023,” he said.

He said that the IKK would be used to assess the level of national security more comprehensively, and would cover all aspects that affect national security including political, economic and social matters.

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