Thursday, January 27, 2022

Focus right now is jabs, not polls, says Sarawak CM

Abang Johari Openg says Sarawak is aiming to achieve herd immunity by the end of August.

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Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg today praised the state’s progress in vaccinating its people, saying the main focus is on boosting such efforts rather than the anticipated election.

Speaking at a press conference in Kuching, he said the priority of the Gabungan Parti Sarawak government was to roll out vaccinations throughout the state and achieve herd immunity by the end of August.

“This is not the time to think about the state election,” he said.

“We are now focusing on vaccination. We want our people to be safe, we’re not thinking about elections.”

On Sarawak’s goal of achieving herd immunity by August, he said the state was capable of administering 70,000 doses of vaccine per day.

“Our target for residents in the Kuching division is to achieve 80% herd immunity, at least one dose by the end of July or the first week of August,” he added.

“This will be based on performance. We have a maximum capacity to vaccinate people, but this will depend on the availability of vaccine.”

He said vaccine supplies in Sarawak arrive according to the schedule laid out by the state disaster management committee.

Abang Johari said of the 2.08 million people eligible for vaccination, Sarawak had inoculated 1.3 million so far.

“In Sibu, 64% have received at least one dose. This means that we have achieved 50% with the daily average of people in major cities like Sibu, Kuching, Bintulu and Miri having received at least a first dose.

“If this happens, at least the people are safe,” he said.

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