Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Civil servants to give up RM30 million in allowances as lockdown begins

The move will exclude frontliners and civil servants from Grade 1 to 28.

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More than 800,000 civil servants will give up about RM30 million in allowances to be chanelled to the National Disaster Relief Trust Fund in a show of solidarity with the people as the country enters a two-week lockdown to curb the spike in Covid-19 infections, the chief secretary to the government announced today.

This comes a day after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he and his Cabinet members would go without a salary for three months, with the money to go to the trust fund as well.

Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Zuki Ali said move would exclude frontliners and civil servants from Grade 1 to 28.

In a statement, he said the money would come from the Fixed Entertainment Allowance for top management personnel and civil servants from Grade 44 to 56, as well as the Fixed Public Service Allowance for those in Grade 29 to 41.

“Letters and details will be issued soon,” he added.

“We understand that civil servants have always been the backbone of the government in efforts to balance lives and livelihoods.

“This contribution is a token of the solidarity of civil servants in the government’s efforts to battle the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.”

The nationwide lockdown to remain in effect until June 14 will see most businesses shuttered yet again with the exemption of essential services and those given the green light by the government.

It was announced amid a steady increase in Covid-19 infections which hit a daily high of over 9,000 cases and 98 deaths last week.

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