Thursday, October 21, 2021

First vaccines arriving Sunday, PM to receive jab with frontliners on Feb 26

The first phase of the vaccination programme will run until April while the second will go from April to August.

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The first shipment of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in the country on Sunday with the national vaccination programme to begin in phases from Feb 26.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he would receive the vaccine on the first day of the programme, together with frontliners.

The first phase of the programme which will run until April will involve the frontliners while the second phase, from April until August, will involve the high-risk groups, he said when launching the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Handbook today.

The third phase, which will run from May this year until February next year, is for those aged 18 and above.

Muhyiddin said implementation of the comprehensive immunisation programme is to ensure that herd immunity can be formed within the community in order to break the chain of Covid-19 infections and finally end the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In short, vaccination is very important for us to protect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones – our family members, co-workers, neighbours and the whole community.

“This is also the meaning of the slogan of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme that I officially launched today, which is Protect Oneself, Protect Everyone,” he said.

He added that the economic and tourism sectors would be able to reopen once everyone is protected and the immunisation programme is successfully implemented.

Likewise, he said, visiting and sports activities can be allowed again albeit in accordance with the new norms.

“This is what I mean when I say that the Covid-19 vaccine is one of our most important rays of hope for us to win the war against Covid-19.

“Certainly, a new chapter will open with the start of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme at the end of this month,” he added.

He advised the people not to delay in registering for vaccination, and to keep the given appointment for the first and second doses.

He said the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Handbook launched today was to provide an explanation of the immunisation programme policy.

“This is another step forward in realising the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, which is the largest vaccination programme to be implemented in the country,” he said, adding that the handbook can be downloaded from the website, which was also launched today.

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