Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Family gets a ray of hope ahead of Chinese New Year

Help has been pouring in for Chin Kim Choy and his family, who will get to see their home repaired after all.

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The family whose one wish was to be able to celebrate Chinese New Year without fear of their roof collapsing overhead has received a ray of hope as help has been pouring in from all quarters.

After reporting on the situation of Chin Kim Choy, his wife Koo Yok Kian and their son Kok Ming, MalaysiaNow began receiving enquiries from members of the public who wanted to offer assistance.

Among them were Ampang Chinese community representative Fong Teck Keong and Kampung Baru Ampang head Wong Khin Fook, who paid a visit to the family to see their situation for themselves.

“If there is heavy rain and a strong wind, for sure the roof of this house will not be able to withstand it,” Fong told MalaysiaNow after the visit.

“I am concerned for their safety. We will begin immediate discussions with Koo for them to move somewhere else until their house can be repaired.”

The small family of three had been getting by on Koo’s salary as a kitchen worker, for which she earns RM40 per day.

Chin was a carpenter but became unable to work after suffering a stroke three years ago.

This meant that the family, who stay together in the only room of the house that is still habitable, had no way to pay for the work needed to restore their home.

Chin Kim Choy shows Ampang Chinese community representative Fong Teck Keong (centre) around his home in Kampung Baru Ampang, where the rusty zinc roof is supported by wooden beams.

Fong said Koo had asked for help before from the housing and local government ministry which approved an allocation of RM13,000 for the family to repair their roof.

Another individual has also begun collecting funds for them to fix the rest of their home as well.

“I am told by the officer at the ministry that the allocation for the family has been approved,” he said.

“So we will work together to help this family. So far, we’ve collected RM30,000.”

For now, Fong will discuss the possibility of them moving to another place until their home is repaired.

“We will find a nearby house so that Koo can still get to work,” he said.

“After that, the contractor of the person who raised the funds will start work. Once they begin work on the roof, the ministry will handle it with the approved allocation.”

Wong said Koo had come to ask for food before but never mentioned the condition of her home.

“I never knew,” he added. “But now her name is on the list of local residents who will receive aid.”

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