Tuesday, March 9, 2021

RoS rejects Pejuang’s application to register as political party

Pejuang's lawyer says the application was rejected on grounds that it was improperly done.

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The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has rejected Pejuang’s application to be registered as a political party.

Lawyer Mior Nor Haidir Suhaimi, who represented the Dr Mahathir Mohamad-led group, said the RoS had notified Pejuang pro tem secretary-general Amiruddin Hamzah of the rejection in writing at 5.50pm yesterday, saying the application was improperly done.

“I’m waiting for further instruction from my client as they probably want to appeal to the home ministry,” he told reporters after the proceeding before High Court judge Mariana Yahya today.

The court was initially slated to hear Pejuang’s application for a judicial review against the RoS’ act of delaying approval for the registration application.

But Mior said Pejuang had withdrawn the judicial review application following the RoS’ decision on grounds that it had become academic.

He said Pejuang is expected to hold a media conference on the issue later today.

On Dec 10 last year, Amiruddin filed a judicial review application through law firm Messrs Haidir & Co, naming the director-general of RoS and the RoS as the first and second respondents.

Amiruddin had applied for a declaration that the actions of the respondents in not giving a decision or registering Pejuang were in conflict with the statutory obligations of both respondents as well as unreasonable and mala-fide.

He also applied for a declaration that the failure of the respondents to approve the party’s registration application as a registered organisation was contrary to the applicant’s legitimate expectation.

He also requested a mandamus order for the respondents to make a decision on Pejuang’s registration application according to Section 7 (1) of the Societies Act 1966 within seven days from the date of judgment, as well as costs and other reliefs deemed fit by the court.

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