Friday, February 26, 2021

MCA says in the dark over Annuar’s removal as BN sec-gen

The BN component party says the matter was not discussed within the coalition.

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MCA today said it was caught off guard by Annuar Musa’s replacement as Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general, hours after the federal territories minister was sacked by the coalition.

In a statement, it said the matter had not been discussed with BN component parties or decided by the coalition’s Supreme Council, adding that it had only learnt of the matter through media reports.

“Any appointment in BN should be done according to the coalition’s constitution, and by convention the candidacy should be discussed and agreed on by consensus at the BN Supreme Council.

“The same goes for the sacking of any individual from positions such as secretary-general and treasurer-general,” it said.

Annuar was sacked as BN secretary-general earlier today and replaced by Ahmad Maslan.

Ahmad said he would take over as secretary-general with immediate effect although he maintained that Annuar had been “replaced”, not sacked.

But MCA said it had yet to receive any notification of the move.

“Until now, MCA has been unable to confirm the news of Annuar’s sacking as BN secretary-general,” it said.

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