Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Cyberattack detected on armed forces data network

Armed forces chief Affendi Buang says the attack did not affect portal operations.

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The armed forces today confirmed a cyberattack against its data network although it said only certain segments were involved.

In a statement today, armed forces chief Affendi Buang said the attack had not affected portal operations.

“The incident was detected by the Cyber and Electromagnetic Defence Division (BSEP) and the Cyber Defence Operation Center (CDOC),” he said.

Once the attack began, he said, the BSEP and CDOC isolated the data traffic to obscure the actual location of the classified data and to protect the targeted network.

“The cyberattack failed to jeopardise the portal’s true operations and only managed to hack certain segments that were placed outside the network from the beginning,” he said.

He said the armed forces was also aware of attempted cyberattacks on its networks as well as that of the defence ministry.

“So we are always monitoring and improving our cybersecurity, in which the BSEP and CDOC play a vital role not only in strengthening and protecting the armed forces’ communications, but also the strategic communications network for national defence.”

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