Monday, September 27, 2021

Survey shows opinions split on Covid-19 vaccine

About a quarter of respondents doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine although over half are confident that it will help the economy recover.

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An opinion poll by USCI University has found that more than half of respondents are confident that the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine will help the economy recover.

Some 54% of over 1,000 people polled expressed confidence, with about half saying they were “extremely confident”.

About 35% believed the economy would not rebound, with some 8% saying they are “extremely not confident” of that happening even with the vaccine’s arrival.

The findings come as the government awaits the arrival of two recent vaccines which were successfully tested as a cure for Covid-19.

The government has procured the vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to cover 6.4 million Malaysians, while another vaccine under the Covax global collaboration can inoculate 3.2 million Malaysians.

The survey also found that about a quarter of respondents still doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine.

More than half also said they would not want to be part of a pioneer group of the vaccine’s recipients in Malaysia.

Some 47% of respondents however said they have confidence in the vaccine.

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