Friday, March 5, 2021

New cases soar to 2,188

1,623 cases reported in Selangor.

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Muhyiddin Yassin says Malaysia needs to pursue a 'shoot-for-the-moon' approach.

Lima’21 tetap tidak diadakan walaupun secara maya, kata menteri

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US tightens export controls to Myanmar after protesters killed

Myanmar was reclassified into the same group as US adversaries Russia and China in the level of scrutiny for any sensitive technology or materials, with restrictions on any exports that could be put to military use.

Myanmar cops flee to India after disobeying orders to violently suppress protesters

There have been reports of policemen joining the Myanmar civil disobedience movement, with some arrested, but this is the first reported case of police fleeing the country.

Biden reportedly called off Syrian bomb strike after woman, children seen near target

In February, the US destroyed a facility in Syria which marked Biden’s first known use of military force in his presidency.

Another 2,188 Covid-19 cases were recorded today, taking total confirmed infections in the country to 58,847.

Of these, 1,623 cases were reported in Selangor. A total of 1,511 cases or 93.1% came from the Teratai cluster.

This was followed by Sabah (232), Perak (112) and Kuala Lumpur (90).

Negeri Sembilan recorded 73 cases, Johor 19, Penang 15, Kedah 14, Kelantan six, Melaka two, and Sarawak and Labuan one each.

Active cases stand at 14,353 with 112 in the ICU and 49 in need of respiratory assistance.

A new high of 1,673 patients were discharged, bringing total recoveries to 44,153.

However, four more deaths were reported, pushing the virus toll to 341.

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