Monday, March 8, 2021

New cases pass 800 mark for third day as death toll increases

The bulk of new cases continue to be reported in Sabah.

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Ahli Parlimen PKR sahkan tiada tawaran RM10 juta untuk lompat parti

SPRM masih meneruskan siasatan berhubung dakwaan rasuah tersebut.

No RM10 million offer to jump ship, says PKR MP

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Dr Mahathir lega setelah disuntik vaksin Covid-19

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Trend jangkitan Covid-19 terus menurun, catat bawah 2,000 kes baru

Malaysia catat 1,683 kes baru Covid-19 hari ini.

New cases still under 2,000 as recoveries stay ahead

1,683 new cases, 2,506 recoveries.

Over 800 new cases were recorded for the third consecutive day today, with 862 taking total confirmed infections to 22,225.

Of the 860 local transmissions, 673 or 78.1% were reported in Sabah.

In Selangor, 132 cases were recorded, followed by Kedah (17), Perak (nine), Penang (eight), Labuan (six), Negeri Sembilan (six), Kuala Lumpur (six), Putrajaya (one), Johor (one) and Kelantan (one).

The remaining two imported cases were recorded in Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur.

Active cases stand at 7,681 with 95 in the ICU and 29 in need of respiratory assistance.

Another 634 patients were discharged, taking total recoveries to 14,351 or 64.6%.

However, three new deaths were also recorded, all in Sabah. This takes the virus death toll to 193.

State Number of cases *() Cumulative cases
Sabah 673 8,755
Selangor 132 3,489
Kuala Lumpur 7 (1) 2,860
Kedah 17 1,957
Negeri Sembilan 6 1,110
Johor 1 840
Sarawak 1 (1) 769
Penang 8 670
Perak 9 424
Pahang 0 388
Melaka 0 299
Kelantan 1 174
Terengganu 0 163
Labuan 6 160
Putrajaya 1 129
Perlis 0 38
Cumulative total 862 (2) 22,225


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New cases still under 2,000 as recoveries stay ahead

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