Tuesday, October 27, 2020

561 new cases, two more deaths

133 recoveries and two more deaths.

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Umno kekal sokong PN tolak kerjasama PKR dan DAP, cadangan Najib diketepikan

Umno turut menggesa kerajaan Perikatan Nasional menambah baik prinsip kerjasama atas dasar “political consensus”.

In blow to Najib, Umno top body rejects PKR, DAP

The Umno Supreme Council says MPs from the party will continue supporting the Perikatan Nasional government.

So what if we support Anwar, says Najib in tell-all post

He says he made it clear that any such cooperation would not involve DAP.

Najib sahkan kerjasama dengan Anwar

Najib berkata, Umno perlu terbuka bekerjasama dengan Anwar sekiranya tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan PN.

Ahli Parlimen BN tolak cadangan Najib untuk kerjasama dengan Anwar, DAP

Najib diselar majoriti ahli-ahli Parlimen BN selepas mengemukakan cadangan itu.

A total of 561 new cases were reported today, driving cumulative infections in the country to 15,657.

Of these, 553 were local transmissions and eight imported.

The bulk of new cases were recorded in Sabah (488) with 26 reported in Selangor and 16 in Kedah.

Another two deaths were also recorded, taking the virus toll to 157.

Meanwhile, 133 patients were discharged from hospital, pushing total recoveries to 10,913 or 69.70%.

Active cases stand at 4,587 with 90 in the ICU and 29 in need of respiratory assistance.

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