Monday, January 25, 2021

DAP’s PJ rep tests positive for Covid-19

This comes as daily infections climb to 432, with ministers told to undergo home quarantine.

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Miti cadangkan alternatif kepada penutupan ekonomi serta-merta

Ia mencadangkan SOP diketatkan dan meningkatkan ujian saringan bersasar termasuk menjadikannya murah dan dilakukan dalam skala lebih besar.

Miti calls for alternatives to bringing back full lockdown

It suggests tightening SOPs and boosting targeted testing as well as making this more affordable and carrying it out on a larger scale.

16 bekas ahli Umno cabar keputusan RoS, bukan parti itu

Mereka mencabar keputusan RoS atas alasan pelanjutan masa yang diberikan dicemari dengan kepenyalahan undang-undang, keadaan tidak rasional dan prosedur yang salah.

3,638 dilaporkan pulih, 11 lagi kematian baru

Kes aktif dengan kebolehjangkitan pula berjumlah 41,076.

Recoveries outpace new cases but 11 more deaths reported

3,048 new cases, 3,638 recoveries.

DAP’s assemblyman for Kampung Tunku in Petaling Jaya is the latest politician to become infected with Covid-19.

Lim Yi Wei, who was among those involved in the Sabah election campaign, said she had only experienced symptoms on Oct 1, despite a swab test result confirming she was free of the virus.

She said she was informed today that she was Covid-19 positive, based on a second swab test done on Oct 2.

“I apologise to all Ministry of Health staff, my colleagues and all who are inconvenienced, despite all precautions taken and self-quarantine since Day 1. I also urge all who have been in contact with me for the last 14 days to do screening at the nearest health clinic,” she said.

Earlier, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri tested positive for Covid-19 as well.

The former federal territories mufti urged anyone who had attended events involving him between Sept 24 and Oct 4 to undergo Covid-19 screening.

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Recoveries outpace new cases but 11 more deaths reported

3,048 new cases, 3,638 recoveries.

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