Sunday, October 25, 2020

No need for GE15 any time soon, says BN sec-gen

He says a lesson should be learnt from the outcome of the Sabah election.

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Berikan saya kebebasan, dan juga kematian?

Titah Agong hari ini merupakan perkara terbaik daripada pelaksanaan darurat untuk menghentikan gangguan daripada ahli politik kita

Give me liberty, and death too?

Today's royal command is the next best thing to a state of emergency to stop our disruptive politicians.

Selepas peringatan Agong, Mat Sabu gesa kerajaan ditukar, kemudian tarik balik

Presiden Amanah menarik kembali kenyataannya yang dilihat bercanggah dengan titah Agong agar “politicking” dihentikan bagi melawan Covid-19.

After Agong’s reminder, Mat Sabu calls for change of govt, then retracts

The Amanah president retracts his statement seen as conflicting with a call by the Agong to desist from politicking.

823 kes baru Covid-19, 8 kematian dilaporkan

Sabah masih kekal sebagai negeri kes Covid-19 tertinggi.

Barisan Nasional secretary-general Annuar Musa today said it was not necessary to hold the 15th general election (GE15) any time in the near future.

He added that a lesson should be taken from the spread of Covid-19, which became more worrying after the Sabah state election.

“When I was handling the election machinery in Sabah, non-compliance with SOPs did indeed take place, and when they returned to the peninsula, the spread of the plague occurred here.

“This is proof which we cannot deny. So, given the experience of what took place in Sabah, an evaluation must be made by the National Security Council and National Disaster Management Agency,” he said at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

He was commenting on a study by Astro Awani which found that over 80% of internet users did not agree to GE15 being held in the near future.

He also voiced hope that politicians would take measures to prioritise the safety and lives of the people.

“Covid-19 is something that all countries are fighting against. Do not take this lightly, and let’s not prioritise the grabbing of political power,” he said.

Annuar, who is federal territories minister, also said those living in Kuala Lumpur should practise voluntary movement control and travel only when necessary.

“For example, I myself only go to the office for important matters and will reduce my movements if there is nothing else. It does not mean quarantine but control,” he said regarding the new Covid-19 cases yesterday.

Two hundred and sixty new cases were recorded: 259 domestic infections involving 140 citizens and 129 non-citizens and one imported case.

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