Wednesday, October 21, 2020

101 new cases, majority in Sabah

50 more patients have been discharged, taking total recoveries to 9,939 or 89.26%.

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Agong terima mengadap perdana menteri untuk mesyuarat pra Kabinet

Pertemuan berlangsung selama satu jam.

Ex-Trump fundraiser pleads guilty to illicit lobbying on 1MDB, China

The indictment says Elliott Broidy was recruited in 2017 by an unnamed foreign national, understood to be Jho Low, to pressure US officials to end their investigation of the 1MDB scandal.

Agong holds pre-Cabinet meeting with PM

The meeting is part of the Agong's main routine to discuss government issues with the PM, palace says.

‘Kluster mahkamah’ ancam pilihan raya musim pandemik selepas rancangan Anwar gagal

Selepas gagal mengumpulkan sokongan untuk Anwar Ibrahim, sekumpulan ahli Parlimen Umno mungkin menggunakan belanjawan bulan depan untuk memaksa pilihan raya mengejut.

Threat of pandemic polls with ‘court cluster’ plan to force election

After a failed plan to gather support for Anwar Ibrahim, a group of Umno MPs may use next month's budget to force snap polls.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the country today rose by 101, of which 97 were local transmissions.

The health ministry said 17 of those with local transmissions had travelled to Sabah. Of these, nine cases were reported in Selangor, one in Kuala Lumpur, one in Kelantan, one in Kedah, one in Melaka, one in Perak, one in Penang, one in Perlis and one in Putrajaya.

Of the 97 local transmissions, 70 were reported in Sabah with the rest in Selangor (13), Johor (two), Penang (one), Kelantan (one), Perak (one), Melaka (one), Perlis (one), Kedah (one), Kuala Lumpur (one) and Putrajaya (one).

The other four, involving foreigners, were reported in Sabah (three) and Selangor (one).

As for the remaining four cases which were imported, one was reported in Sarawak and the rest, involving foreigners, in Sarawak (two) and Selangor (one).

This brings the total number of active cases to 1,062 – 9.54% of the 11,135 confirmed cases reported so far.

According to a health ministry infographic, 13 are receiving treatment in the ICU with five in need of respiratory assistance.

No new deaths were reported in the past 24 hours, leaving the virus toll unchanged at 134 or 1.2% of total cases.

Fifty patients were also discharged, taking total recoveries to 9,939 or 89.26%.

The ministry also noted four new clusters at Jalan Bomba, Sandakan (three cases); Jalan Utara, Sandakan (two cases); Benteng PK, Selangor (one case) and Bakawali, Johor (two cases).

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