Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Factory linked to water pollution operating illegally since 2014

It was also built without permission from the Selayang Municipal Council.

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Umno kekal sokong PN tolak kerjasama PKR dan DAP, cadangan Najib diketepikan

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So what if we support Anwar, says Najib in tell-all post

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Najib sahkan kerjasama dengan Anwar

Najib berkata, Umno perlu terbuka bekerjasama dengan Anwar sekiranya tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan PN.

Ahli Parlimen BN tolak cadangan Najib untuk kerjasama dengan Anwar, DAP

Najib diselar majoriti ahli-ahli Parlimen BN selepas mengemukakan cadangan itu.

The factory believed to be involved in the Sungai Gong water pollution has apparently been operating without a licence since activity began in 2014, the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) says.

MPS corporate department director Mohamad Zin Masoad said data also showed that the factory never applied for a licence.

“We issued the latest notice to them in March, but they ignored it.

“Besides operating without a licence, we also found that the factory was built without MPS’ permission,” he said at the factory in Rawang yesterday.

Zin said the factory, which repairs heavy machinery, was one of 308 found to be operating illegally in areas under MPS jurisdiction.

All 308 were placed on the legalisation process list and given until Dec 31, 2020 to submit the documentation needed for permits.

“According to the state government’s directive, we cannot demolish the plants under the legalisation process (introduced in 2012 and extended until Dec 31, 2020).

“They were on the list for us to assist them to get operation permits and licences.

“We issued the building construction notice in 2014, and the factory operators should have come to MPS to claim or obtain approval for business and building licences. Since they are on the legalisation process list, we give them a chance to come to us,” Zin added.

MPS earlier put up a notice at the entrance of the factory stating that it was erected without written permission from the council under Section 70(1) of the Road, Drainage and Building Act 1974.

According to the act, the factory operator has three days to submit a plan for approval, failing which it could be demolished by MPS.

About five million people in the Klang Valley and Selangor were hit with an unscheduled water disruption last Thursday following oil pollution from the factory which forced the closure of the Sungai Selangor Phase 1, 2, 3 and Rantau Panjang water treatment plants.

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