Saturday, January 22, 2022

Disorder and desperation in Sri Muda floods

Taman Sri Muda was one of the areas worst hit by the floods which covered many parts of Selangor after days of heavy rain.

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Rescue personnel in orange life jackets help evacuate people from a residential area where waist-deep water has left vehicles half-submerged.

Garbage floats in the knee-high water covering a commercial area in Taman Sri Muda.

A man carries his dog to safety, abandoning his van which has been left stranded by the flood waters.

A bird’s eye view of the murky water covering the Sri Muda flats.

A man tries to wipe down his car as clean-up efforts begin in a Sri Muda neighbourhood.

Residents use a plastic box to transport food supplies and drinking water back to their home.

A man carries sacks of rice on his shoulder, pulling several bottles of cooking oil along in the water behind him.

Residents make their way back to their homes after collecting food supplies from a nearby relief centre.

Still others carry off boxes of goods from the neighbourhood Mydin Mart which chalked up millions of ringgit in losses from the flood.

Inside the hypermarket, others who have broken in wade through the water in the dark, carting off more supplies.

Family members clutch their belongings as they are evacuated by the fire and rescue department.

Cars damaged by the floods sit covered with mud at a petrol station, waiting to be towed away.

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