Sunday, May 22, 2022

After the flood waters subside in Yan

A look at the aftermath of the landslides and flash floods which occurred in several states in Kedah following heavy rain in mid-August. Six people died while over 1,000 others were affected.

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Timber and water-soaked logs washed up by the floods lie scattered around a water tank at the park.

A man inspects the damage inflicted by the floods which hit houses, chalets and shops, causing some buildings to collapse.

Part of a building lies on its side, ripped from its foundations.

Mud and debris litter the area in front of a row of shops in a small town in Yan.

Chairs and tables at a food court near the recreational park still bearing the cross marks made to ensure social distancing are left covered in mud.

A man sits on the side of a swimming pool near a chalet at the park, filled with muddy brown water.

Piles of mud surround a house in Jalan Titi Hayun, Yan.

An entire bridge which once connected Kampung Setol and Kampung Pauh in Yan lies where it collapsed during the flash flood that hit the villages.

A volunteer squats to clean the mud from a drain in the school.

More mud covers furniture and files at what used to be the reception counter of the Alang Kenari Resort in Yan.

Trees felled by the flood lie near an open hall on the resort grounds.

The trees that survived the flood stand amid a sea of logs, some of which had collapsed on the roofs of nearby buildings.

Workers use machine saws to remove fallen trees in Kampung Setol near Yan.

Residents clear out a house that was hit by flood waters, piling ruined furniture and belongings in a heap near front door.

A woman uses a dustpan to push the mud and water out from her home.

Elsewhere, a child helps his grandfather clean their mud-filled yard.

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