Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Pandemic season at the zoo

The Melaka Zoo has been empty of human chatter for a long time since its closure due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the loss of income from ticket sales means it's a struggle to keep the animals healthy. That task now rests on the shoulders of these committed zoo workers, who feed, wash, and treat the adorable and the fierce alike every day.

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These decorative umbrellas line a path at the zoo, but there’s no one in need of shelter here other than the 600 animals who call it home.

A lorry prepares to start the food delivery rounds to the animals.

Two zoo workers carry a basketful of leafy greens to feed the vegetarian residents.

‘Take a shower before your meal’ applies to animals too, and it proves to be a jumbo-sized task.

These elephants take their time getting cleaned up and have some fun with the water while they’re at it.

Say ‘aaaaaaaa’: an elephant obliges zoo worker Mohd Azamuddin who is here to perform an ear and mouth inspection to make sure all is in order.

A zebra watches a zoo worker hose down his enclosure.

It’s a tall order: zoo worker A Saravanan hoists a bunch of greens on a pole to feed this pair of giraffes.

Small and jittery, this wild squirrel makes frequent dashes to grab a quick snack.

But it’s not as quick as these African antelopes, among the fastest of the zoo’s 150 different species.

A resident veterinarian prepares to take a look at a sick antelope.

Veterinarian Dr Mohamad Sharizan Mohd Kamal (in yellow boots) and his team treats an antelope for a horn injury.

Working carefully, they extract maggots from the infected area of the horn.

Stay on your side: A pair of Malayan tigers engage in what appears to be a routine domestic quarrel at the Melaka zoo.

This 26-year-old orangutan must work for his food, which dangles from a piece of string in his enclosure. The exercise ensures that he stays physically fit.

This pair probably miss parroting to their visitors following the zoo’s closure under the MCO.

For this pensive chimpanzee, though, the peace and quiet might come as a relief from the hustle of the daily grind at the zoo.

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