Saturday, November 7, 2020

Swapping travel for grocery runs

With a pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, barely anyone is travelling anymore – but everyone still needs to eat. Mohd Saddam Irrban goes from tour agency operator to grocery delivery man for customers unwilling or unable to shop for themselves.

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Bantuan RM500 secara ‘one off’ untuk petugas barisan hadapan KKM

Pemberian itu adalah tambahan kepada Elaun Khas Covid-19 sebanyak RM600 sebulan kepada petugas barisan hadapan KKM.

RM50.4 bilion diperuntukkan dalam Belanjawan 2021 untuk sektor pendidikan

Belanjawan 2021 menyaksikan sektor pendidikan mengalami pengurangan sebanyak RM13.7 bilion.

1,755 kes baru Covid-19, 726 dilaporkan pulih

Angka keseluruhan Covid-19 kini berjumlah 38,189 kes.

Record 1,755 cases, majority in Sabah

736 recoveries and two more deaths.

Sabah, Sarawak terima peruntukan paling tinggi dalam Belanjawan 2021

6 negeri mendapat peruntukan melebihi 30% daripada keseluruhan Belanjawan 2021.

Every morning, a runner from Ommafoody goes to the wholesale market armed with a list of customers’ requests.

Ommafoody’s policy is, only fresh produce for customers.

Sometimes Saddam goes to the market himself to make sure his customers get only the best.

The groceries are brought back to the Ommafoody office in Seri Kembangan to be washed and packed.

Saddam and his staff clean all the chicken and seafood before it is sent out – an extra feature which sets Ommafoody apart from other grocery delivery services.

Meanwhile, other workers weigh and pack chillis according to customers’ orders.

It’s not glamorous, but sharing office space helps keep everything running according to schedule.

Saddam does a final check of the bills and invoices before the groceries are sent out for delivery.

A check list helps them keep track of orders.

Then, it’s off for delivery in special insulated bags to keep the groceries fresh until they arrive at customers’ doorsteps.

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