Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Selepas Twitter, Facebook gantung akaun Trump kini giliran YouTube pula

Perkhidmatan perkongsian video itu mendakwa Trump baru-baru ini mencetuskan keganasan.

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DAP leader hits out at Noor Hisham over ‘personal preferences’, ‘blind spots’

Liew Chin Tong criticises the DG for cautioning against the use of rapid test kits, adding that the government has 'practically abandoned' contact tracing as well.

Pasangan ‘PJJ’ boleh rentas negeri mulai esok, kata menteri

Kerajaan bersetuju memberi kelonggaran itu tetapi pasangan terbabit perlu mendapat kebenaran polis terlebih dahulu.

Anwar challenges PM over suspension of parliament

Lawyer Ramkarpal Singh says they are challenging the advice of the PM for the king to suspend parliament, not the emergency itself.

Kes kematian capai angka 700, 4,076 dilaporkan pulih

Kes aktif dengan kebolehjangkitan pula berjumlah 40,574.

Death toll hits 700 as recoveries still outstrip new cases

3,585 new cases, 4,076 recoveries with 280 in ICU.

YouTube menggantung saluran Presiden Donald Trump sekurang-kurangnya seminggu, lapor Agensi Berita Sputnik, memetik CNN.

Perkhidmatan perkongsian video dalam talian AS itu memberitahu CNN Business bahawa video di saluran Trump baru-baru ini didakwa mencetuskan keganasan.

YouTube merancang mengkaji semula keputusan tersebut dalam seminggu.

Terdahulu, Twitter dan Facebook menggantung akaun Trump secara kekal.

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